Now Women Are Supposed to Worry About Their Jawlines, Too?


With the rise in selfie culture, people’s perceptions of their appearance are becoming altered, hyper-focusing on their flaws and ways to fix them. New obsessions with sharp jawlines and contouring have made the struggle to conform to beauty standards harder than ever, and the plastic surgery industry is feeling the effects. According to a study, 55 percent of plastic surgeons noted having seen patients expressing a desire to look better in selfies, with almost all of them then going forward with procedures. Procedures much less invasive than facelifts are available for those looking to tighten up for selfies, with everything from selective liposuction to radio frequencies targeted at fat cells. While it’s sad to see the negative self image many women are accumulating from this expectation of beauty, we totally support anyone that feels like these procedures are something they want for themselves.

For Further Reading:

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Discussion Question:

Strong jawlines are often associated with men and models. Why do you think this is just now becoming a beauty craze, when for most of human history the “soft woman” and “hard man” was the norm?


Action Item:

Post an unedited selfie from a normal angle. Look at your face—notice everything beautiful about it, and post that, encouraging others to accept their natural selves as well. 

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