NYFW Gets More Racially, Body-Type Diverse


Although there is still a long way to go for inclusivity in the fashion industry, recent stats show that progress is coming. According to The Fashion Spot, this month’s New York Fashion Week was the most diverse ever. 44.8% of models were models of color, at huge jump from 20.9% in 2015. Size diversity showed slower but still traceable progress, with 2.2% of models being plus-size as opposed to the 1.2% seen last season. These last numbers are especially important, as representation for women of all sizes has been a point of contention around the industry for several years. While no statistics are available yet for London, Milan, and Paris, hopes are that we will see similar progress overseas.

For Further Reading:

Read the The Fashion Spot’s full rundown on diversity at NYFW and see how non-binary, trans, and older models were represented this season.

Discussion Question:

Do the stats from NYFW make you feel hopeful, or do you think we need to set higher standards for diverse representation before celebrating progress?

Action Item:

Look through the runway photos from a handful of designers, and try to keep mental tally: How many of the models are people of color, non-binary individuals, or plus-size?


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