Our Votes Count


It seems like there is so much going wrong in politics now, and it is easy to feel lost. But we must go out and vote in the midterm elections. Our voices must be heard

Our Votes Count.png

The universe seems out of place,

like a storm swept in

and knocked over a vase.

We see the wrong side in the lead,

the silencing of the

oppressed and underrepresented.

Hopelessness falls over a nation,

our voices feel lost

and pushed behind a curtain.

Yet we have something that

they cannot take away.

Our votes are loud and they are clear,

our votes determine what

we want for the forthcoming years.

The activists who fought for votes for all,

look down and

encourage us to cast our ballots this fall.

We must look to those following the right,

the people running for office

who still have a clear sight.

We must use our power

and vote in this election year.