Phillippine President Blames Rape on Beautiful Women


Rodrigo Duterte, the crude president of the Philippines, has sparked controversy with his outlandish claims that as long as beautiful women exist, rape will continue to happen. The president said this in response to a report that his hometown, Davao, has seen a sharp increase in sexual violence. Instead of instilling hope that this will end, he targeted women as the cause. When the Australian ambassador to Manila responded against this comment, the president angrily instructed the political figure to, “Stay out. Stay out, Australian government.”


For Further Reading:

If you’d like to learn more about what Filipino women are doing to fight for their rights, click here. The Philippine Commission on Women has been working for decades to combat discrimination and be an active voice in politics.


Discussion Question:

How do you think Filipino women will be affected by President Duterte’s comment?


Action Item:

If you want to help Filipino women who are subject to the intense discrimination in their country, check out the Gabriela Women’s Party. This organization has been demanding justice through protest and campaigning.


Read more on The Washington Post | Image: Reuters/Ezra Acayan