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Photographer Fatima Zohra Serri Challenges Gender Inequality in Her Community


Fatima Zohra Serri planned on studying photography after high school but was discouraged from it when her conservative father would not let her go far from her hometown of Nador, Morocco. But Serri has used social media to follow her passion and shares images highlighting the discrimination that she and other women in her community face. She chooses to focus on women’s issues based on her own personal experiences, aiming to start a conversation about how women are perceived and treated. One of her photographs represents violence against women through the use of a sanitary pad placed across a women’s face (showing that women can be abused anywhere). Another image touches on gender inequality, as Serri shows a man reading a newspaper with a woman next to him cleaning his scraps, expressing the positions of power she saw growing up. Through photography, Serri is able to share her unique perspective and start a conversation to inspire change.

For Further Reading:

Look through some of Serri’s photographs here.


Discussion Question:

What is a women’s issue that often gets ignored or misrepresented in your community? How can you shed light on this particular issue?


Action Item:

Talk to a family member or person you know who may not be aware of women’s issues. Talk to them about how they have an impact on your life and about ways of combating it.


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