Photographer Turns an Entire Relationship Into Art


When Pixy Liao met Moro at the Memphis College of Art, she asked him to model for her. This might have been the start of a professional relationship, but in actual fact, it became something more. Their ongoing series, Experimental Relationship, has lasted since 2007 and combines the elements of a relationship into an extended creative project. It features a range of surreal and intimate images that document their relationship. Particularly notable is Liao’s subversion of traditional gender roles, which is reflective of their actual relationship, with Liao being the main bread-winner and Moro affectionately referred to as a house husband. The publication of an entire relationship through images over time, and the honesty with which Liao and Moro reflect their real lives through photographs is, especially for Liao, a reaction against a society with strict gender norms.

For Further Reading:

Have a look at Liao’s website for more of her work.

Discussion Question:

It takes a lot of courage and bravery to expose yourself so fully to a public audience. Would you ever be so explicit and open with your own personal relationships?


Action Item:

Think about some traditional gender norms in your life and consider about how they could be subverted, even in a comical way such as in some of Liao’s images.


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