Plus-Sized and Sexy


Chastity Gardner Valentine and Cecelia Olissa, fashion bloggers and creators of the podcast "Cocktails and Confidence," gave a live audience a taste of the series this past Saturday. At this event, they brought up a topic it seems like nobody wants to tackle: the plus-sized body having sex. They declared that plus-sized women too often hide their bodies and are ashamed of themselves as sexual beings. Valentine and Olissa urged women to learn to see themselves as sexy first, and that confidence will follow them into their relationships with their partners. They encouraged plus-sized women to communicate concerns with their partners, get to know themselves intimately, and take pictures of themselves in lingerie that makes them feel irresistible. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and although modern beauty standards equate slimness with desirability, we’re here to say, ladies: you’re plus-sized and you’re sexy.


For Further Reading:

If you want to check out more of what Valentine and Olissa have to say, listen to their podcast here!


Discussion Question:

How does your self-esteem and body image influence or restrict your relationship with sex? 

Action Item:

Next time you’re looking in the mirror, take a moment to truly look at yourself and appreciate all the things that are beautiful there. Speak them out loud until you believe them. And if you're feeling daring, try a lingerie photo shoot! Valentine and Olissa say it can be a great confidence boost. 



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