Pulse Music Group Empowers Women in Music


A new series of workshops from Pulse Music Group, dubbed REBOOT, seeks to empower female songwriters and producers. 50 guests gathered in Pulse’s LA HQ to discuss the issues faced by women in the music industry as part of the launch. Guests included songwriters Bonnie McKee and Claudia Brant, as well as representatives from Songwriters of North America and She Is The Music, both groups dedicated to promoting female musical talent. The series not only seeks to educate women in the industry on the state of the industry and how to lead and attain better accreditation for their work, but also to provide a space for research into inclusion in the music industry. Researchers will interview participants to gather more information with the aim of progressing in future. Furthermore, creating a space where women with similar goals and experiences can come together fosters solidarity in a male-dominated industry. Bringing community and education together in one space helps women in the music industry both consolidate their current position and look to the future as a united group.

For Further Reading:

Read the report from the researchers linked with Pulse from USC Annenberg to find out more about inclusion in the music industry.

Discussion Question:

Have you ever attended an empowerment course with other women in your industry? If not, would you be interested in doing so?


Action Item:

Think about the representation in your own entertainment – spend a few days or a week listening solely to music from female artists or female producers to support the community of women in music.



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