Queer Rom-Com Rule #1: Must Never Be 100% Happy


This year, largely due to companies such as Netflix, the rom-com era is making a comeback. However, there is a limited amount of lesbian love stories; on top of that, most of them are “downers,” where the characters have to overcome harsh circumstances such as coming out, adultery, and conversion therapy, rather than simple, feel-good movies. Kendra Kobler writes on this issue questioning, “Why can’t a romantic comedy have a plot with characters who happen to be gay? Why is their sexuality always so crucial to the plot?” The normalization of queer relationships as cheery instead of always “damaged” is necessary. As Kobler requests, “Hallmark, let’s make the yuletide gay.”

For Further Reading

Read more about the queer holiday rom-com “Happiest Season” starring Kristen Stewart.

Discussion Question

What kind of rom-com movie would you like to see that hasn’t been made?


Action Item

Draft a letter to filmmakers asking for a change in the queer rom-com movie template, or even make a film of your own!

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