Rachel Bloom Talks Sex Education for Planned Parenthood


Rachel Bloom, comedian and star of the television show My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, has directed three short educational videos for Planned Parenthood’s recent Sex Education initiative. The series is called “Her Shorts,” and tackles three topics meant to educate young people on safe sex, protection against assault, and body positivity. Despite the serious nature of the subjects that Bloom discusses, the comedian still manages to weave humor into education. In one video, she literally interacts with an advocate for the devil himself to clear up any misconceptions about rape culture and sexual assault. Bloom tells Refinery29, “I’m hoping this video can bridge the gap between people who think rape culture doesn’t exist and people who are like, ‘You’re a fucking moron, of course it exists.’” She explains that the intention of the video series is to encourage a conversation between people who disagree, while providing informative, accurate sex education content for young people.

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Discussion Question

Have you found more valuable sex education from school presentations or from the Internet or elsewhere?

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Watch Rachel Bloom’s videos here.

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