Are Girls Better at Reading than Boys? Study Says Yes


An article from The Atlantic this week focuses on the literacy of young girls and boys, specifically higher reading skills for girls in developed countries. While many girls still struggle to maintain an education in certain countries, women in America make up a growing majority of students on college campuses. This development may come from research that found that girls tend to do better at reading than boys. A U.K. study found that “boys dedicate less time than girls to processing words, that they’re more prone to skipping passages or entire sections, and that they frequently choose books that are beneath their reading levels,” according to Scotland University of Dundee professor Keith Topping. A psychologist at Griffith University in Australia also suggests that the discrepancy between skills may point to a social factor, as boys tend to be more subject to peer pressure that deters them from “uncool” studies, while reading for pleasure and attention to schoolwork appears as a more “feminine” trait.

For Further Reading:

Check out this article that explores the question of biological differences between male and female brains.

Discussion Question:

Do you think girls are expected to enjoy reading and education more than boys?

Action Item:

Try to read a book for pleasure instead of binging a Netflix show or scrolling through social media. Setting aside time during the day to read something you enjoy gives you the chance to unplug from the Internet and learn something new.


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