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Rebranding Sexual Pleasure as Self-Love


Mainstream retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Free People have recently started to sell sex toys online, branding them under the “wellness” category. As women’s sexual pleasure and sexual health have long been ignored, rebranding sex toys as an important part of a woman’s overall wellness is a step towards dismantling stigmas around women’s sexuality. As the Free People team stated, buying a vibrator can be considered as a way of enhancing a woman’s self-esteem. Sex toys are being reimagined as self-love tools that can be both enjoyable and healthy. Logan Levkoff, a New York-based sexologist, praises the recent wave of unashamed and unapologetic women embracing their sexuality, emphasizing the health and wellness benefits of safe and satisfying sexual lives.

For Further Reading

If you want to read more about the growth of the Wellness market, check out this article published by the Global Wellness Institute.


Discussion Question

Do you think Sex Ed classes should teach about sex toys and sexual pleasure?


Action Item

Practicing self-love and self-care is a great way to feel empowered and enhance your overall wellness. Find a moment today to dedicate completely to appreciating yourself and doing something you love.

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