Representation in Marketing Need More Positive Father Roles


There is often much conversation around the representation of women in media and advertising. Yet feminism is about equality and achieving positive places in society involves men as well. In order to achieve true gender equality, men and boys also need to see examples and role models for their behaviour. Men, in particular fathers, are often presented as bumbling and inept, yet this just further reinforces gender stereotypes of men being the breadwinners and women being the caregivers. Not only does this limit genders, it also gives heteronormativity an even more prominent space in society. In order to truly present an equal and inclusive society in our media, we need to adjust not only our presentations of women, but also of men.

For Further Reading

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Discussion Question

Do you notice damaging or misleading representations of men in the media? Do you think it is equally important to adapt these as it is to change those of women?


Action Item

Next time you’re watching a TV ad or see a billboard with a man in it, consider his representation. Is there something to be desired?


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