Rihanna Works to Support Universal Education for Girls


With the help of the Clara Lionel Foundation, last week Rihanna raised about $6 million to assist impoverished communities with healthcare and education resources. In an op-ed piece for The Guardian, the singer wrote about how she took her own education for granted when she was growing up in Barbados, admitting that she preferred to spend her time playing sports or working on music. Looking back, she has realized how difficult it can be for some kids to get a quality education and stay in school. After visiting the African nation of Malawi, Rihanna became inspired to start her own foundation, which works to provide financial aid and educational support for young girls around the world. She concludes, “If we can overcome the education deficit in the developing world, everybody wins.” 

For Further Reading:

Read Rihanna’s original op-ed piece in The Guardian

Discussion Question:

If you have received an education, do you feel like you have taken it for granted? How do you think you can make the most of your academic opportunities?

Action Item:

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line of cosmetics offers the option to donate to the Clara Lionel Foundation when you purchase her products. Take a look at this page on her website to learn more about it!


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