Rodarte Exhibit at National Museum for Women in the Arts


Rodarte, the fashion brand made up of two sister designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy, is set to have a focused exhibition at the National Museum for Women in the Arts. Their brand is seen as a pioneer in the fashion and art world.  The Mulleavy sisters are known for bringing themes from art history, literature, and pop culture into their fashion pieces, blurring the lines between contemporary art and fashion. They have even gone as far as creating their own film reflecting their aesthetic and influences. The exhibition with be on display until February 10, 2019.  

For Further Reading

Before heading to the exhibit, catch up on the duo’s favorite collections of theirs.

Discussion Question

What are some other significant times when art blended with another element (fashion, film, etc.)?


Action Item

Think of a work of art that you have created or own. Think about what the influences behind it may have been. Ask yourself if it ties in with other culture themes.


Read more on Refinery29 | Image: Foto+Warner/NWMA.