Rona Tai Celebrates her Strong, Pregnant Body


Rona Tai, Instagram influencer, has used her platform to promote body positivity for plus-size pregnant women. Tai celebrates how strong her body is after enduring multiple knee surgeries, an ectopic pregnancy, and aches and pains. For years, she and her husband, Eric Tai, had difficulty conceiving due to Rona’s lost fallopian tubes and left ovary, so they attempted to get pregnant via in vitro fertilization—and succeeded. Many plus-size pregnant women receive unsolicited input from family members and friends on the state of their health, masked as “concern for the baby.” Tai says that this advice is unhelpful, damaging, and usually information that the mother already knows—there’s no need to feed the internal torment she’s already experiencing. She urges her followers to ignore such criticism; plus-size pregnancy does not always mean there will be complications. Tai is incredibly proud that after all of her struggles, her body still continues to fight and now support a growing baby. She hopes that other mothers out there will look at themselves in the same light.

For Further Reading

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Discussion Question

While many plus size women receive unwanted input on how to stay healthy during their pregnancy, smaller women do not. Why do you think people are so uncomfortable with a plus-size pregnancy as opposed to a smaller woman’s pregnancy?


Action Item

Many women are often insecure about their bodies, and pregnancy puts that insecurity in the spotlight for public commentary. Next time you find yourself, or someone else, making a comment about a pregnant woman’s body, ask yourself, is it any of your business in the first place?


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