Schools in India Will Offer Self-Defense Classes for Female Students


The School Education Department in Chennai, India has just announced that self-defense training programs will be offered to all female students studying in secondary schools. The classes will include Karate, Judo, and Taekwondo lessons, and will run for about three months. Students can take the sessions in physical education classes or after school. One coach who was in favor of the new addition to the curriculum said, “the training would make students mentally strong and confident. They would also know how to escape from difficult situations like abduction or abuse.”

For Further Reading

This article from the University of Oregon explores the overall effectiveness of self-defense classes on women in the real world. 

Discussion Question

Did your school offer self-defense classes? Do you think it should be a part of the physical education curriculum?

Action Item:

If you haven’t taken a self-defense or martial arts class before, try it out!

Read more on India Times/ Image: Gardner Kansas