Science Says Women Like Their Friends More Than Their Husbands


Champneys Spa and Resorts in the UK conducted a survey amongst their female customer base that revealed that 57% of the women valued their relationship with their best friend more than their relationship with their partner. Reasons for this vary, including tensions with cohabitation and not seeing best friends as much as they would like. Amongst other statistics, the study also revealed that 44% of women would tell their friend something they wouldn’t tell their partner. This study demonstrates how important female friendship is for modern women, in addition to spousal relationships. This reflects other trends in marital stereotypes, with women marrying later or even not at all. Greater independence for women seems to be leading to stronger relationships between women and more confidence for the individual.

For Further Reading:

In the spirit of female friendship, get involved with this refugee charity, Friends for Women


Discussion Question:

How would you rank the important people in your life?


Action Item:

Think about things you do with your friend and what you do with your partner - what is it that makes the distinction?


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