Sexual Assault Survivor Community Spreads With #WhyIDidntReport


A community of global sexual assault victims has spread through the hashtag, #WhyIDidntReport, in the wake of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony against Brett Kavanaugh. People all over the world are sharing not only their sexual assault stories but why they didn’t report their assailants. The number of stories is saddening but helps to defend Dr. Ford against accusations that she falsified her testimony. Both men and women, celebrities and ordinary people, are all coming together to reveal our society’s blatant need for change in the portrayal of sexual violence and criminal practice processes. Despite the heart-breaking fact that so many stories exist, the solidarity that such a movement inspires means that more victims than ever are being empowered to tell their stories, which will surely lead to future justice and positive change.

Action Item

If you are on social media, take the time to listen and support the people coming forward with their experiences. In the midst of a particularly difficult time for sexual assault survivors, open support is a key part of backing up the whole community.


How can we create a better environment for survivors to feel comfortable in coming forward with their experiences earlier?

Further Reading

See RAINN for further information and resources on sexual violence and assault.


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