Sexual Awakening - How We Reclaim Truth

The potency of sexuality has always been an interest of mine.

The physicalities of which always seemed inappropriate for most circumstances. As a culture, we have been told that it’s dangerous and in bad taste to display ourselves in our sexuality. The use of fear and or the threat of exclusion are the tactics used to repress our most natural of energies.

I mean think about it...
It’s the utilization of sexual energy that creates human life on this planet. To deny your sexuality is like denying your breath- it’s a necessary reality.

Not only our we uncovering 5,000 years of systemic sexual oppression, but we are also coming to terms with the stark reality that mass media and big corporations use the symbol and temptation of sex to make billions of dollars each year. Sex is really everywhere you look, from billboards, to newspaper headlines to the Kardashians, it has become the pervasive reality of our age. You can’t go one day without being bombarded by sexual objectification and the consequences of such are truly surmountable. Sexual harassment, rape culture, sex trafficking, mistreatment and ill-treatment of sex workers and lack of understanding of our own bodies desires and access to pleasure. Creating an environment where the #metoo campaign can even exist as a truth. All of this leaving us tired and unable to actualize our true sexual potential. We do not get fed with healthy advice on self-pleasure, boundaries, and consent. Instead, we get served a junk food buffet of photoshopped bodies, tasteless porn, catcalls and ass grabs. I don’t know about you but #timesup.

So I digress...

In spite of the rancid outcomes of sexual repression, through the muck and shit, I am still able to maintain my optimism. Today we lay at a crossroads. At a time in history where education standards are at their highest and given access across professional playing's now more than ever that we begin to access our whole selves. The road to sexual liberation requires allies and dependable support structures. You must be willing to admit to the internalized oppression that you yourself facilitate.

Now, let’s not get too heady about this revolution, because who’s really into mind fucks anyway? Well, maybe you may get off on that, and because this is an inclusive space, that’s cool too.

It’s not about being “normal”, fitting into a box, or coming up with the best “that’s what she said” reply. There’s enough material for those jokes already. The point is deeper than that, it’s about access, safety, inclusion and magic. It’s about actualization of self. The piece of us that holds a natural governance, a nature that knows and holds it’s integrity. Potent, fierce, compassionate and forgiving. Sexuality is fertility, growth, expansion and unconditional love. The original womb space, where all of us originate. Each of us like a snowflake, our sexual expression and acceptance is unique unto itself. Let’s begin to traverse this space in relationship with each other. Let’s start funding companies whose bottom line is people. Spending billions of dollars on our own reclamations. Let’s contribute to the entrepreneurs who are turning on their nervous systems in order to create a life-giving experience for others. Co-creating a different world where our life’s beginnings, middles and ends are fully respected and supported. Where our truth and creativity can thrive.

And please come with your conscious, caring and insatiable appetites. Who’s hungry?

With love and magic,
Founder of Pussy Consciousness


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Author: Kalah Hill

As a bisexual, biracial woman of color Kalah knows it is her responsibility to activate compassion, freedom and truth within herself and within others. The potent medicine of compassion comes from radical self love. As the founder of Pussy Consciousness, Kalah's intention is to reclaim the wisdom and truth of the feminine. The original womb of innocence in which we all come from.