Sexual Health for Women with Disabilities


A 2016 Canadian review has found that women with disabilities experience poor gynecological health-care outcomes and rarely receive preventative screening. The study uncovered the reality of thousands of women with disabilities, whose sexual health isn’t considered a priority. Disabled girls report that most medical practitioners tend to focus on the more complex aspects of their care, failing to have conversations about sexual health. Women also report that often they aren’t asked about their sexual activity. Biases surrounding sex for girls with disabilities are at the root of this phenomenon. There is a need for disabled women have to be recognized as sexual beings and have access to reproductive resources and education.

Discussion Question

Do you ever see disabled women represented as sexual beings in media?

Further Reading

People with disabilities are sexual beings too. If you want to know more about sexual education for disabled folks you can check out this website and learn medically accurate and informed sexual assistance tips.

Action Item

If you want to support women and gender non-conforming folks with disabilities you can get involved in local volunteering organizations. If you live in the U.S., this is a good place to start.

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