Sexual Health: Not Just a Woman’s Responsibility


A recent study published by the National Institute of Health has revealed that women are largely more involved in pregnancy and STI prevention than men. The responsibility for sexual health shouldn’t fall exclusively on women, but rather it should be a shared commitment. Men have been found to receive significantly less STI testing than women and have expressed an aversion toward the use of condoms. The prevalence of female-oriented forms of birth control often seems to be an excuse for male partners not to take responsibility in maintaining a safe sexual life. The commitment to sexual health should be a shared effort, as male partners need to recognize their responsibility and power in pregnancy and STI prevention.

For Further Reading:

Feelings of embarrassment and shame often prevent folks from getting tested for STDs and STIs, as the previously mentioned NIH study found. Read it here and discover more about the ways societal stigmas can be dangerous for sexual health.

Discussion Question:

Have you ever felt like you were the only one worrying about pregnancy and STI prevention during a sexual relationship?


Action Item:

Remind your male friends and partners to get tested and hold them accountable for their responsibility in promoting and ensuring sexual health!



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