SheWrites: Youtube Sponsors All-Female Songwriting Camp


For the first time, a songwriting camp called SheWrites is taking place in Los Angeles after having visited London and Stockholm. SheWrites was founded by Violet Skies and Charlie McClean. In collaboration with Youtube, SheWrites brought together two dozen female “music makers” on October 4th-5th. The women split into smaller groups consisting of singers, producers, writers, and engineers; their goal was to work together to present a song at the end of the day. What the experiment showed was that the difference of having an all-female creative team was that they were “able to be more honest.”

For Further Reading

Read more about how women are left out of songwriting and producing charts in the music industry.

Discussion Question

If women are writing some of the radio’s top hits, why are they being left off of the best-selling charts?

Action Item

Think about a social issue you are passionate about and draft some song lyrics! And listen to music by female artists because it’s important to support them.

Read more on Variety / Image: Marissa Carne/Courtesy Youtube