Shorter Title X Grant Funding Period Could Spark Gag Rule


The U.S. administration recently announced a Title X Grant funding period that would only last about seven months. The extremely short funding period, during which grantees compete for funding, is worrisome for the low-income women who benefit from affordable contraceptive services, safe abortions, and health screenings provided by this type of grant. Services such as these have proven to be highly effective in reducing unplanned pregnancy rates and assisting low-income women. Still, many people are worried about who will receive funding after the seven-month expiration date, and whether or not this funding will exist at all. Some citizens are suspicious that a shorter funding period could cause an end to this policy and bring out an imposed "gag rule" for women.


For Further Reading:

Feel free to check out Power to Decide, where you can learn about why having safe, legal access to birth control matters.


Discussion Question:

How does your income status impact how you think about healthcare? 


Action Item:

If you’d like to get involved in the fight for women’s rights, you can donate to your local Planned Parenthood here. Many clinics such as Planned Parenthood are immediately affected by the shorter Title X Grant funding period, and donating will ensure they can help women one day at a time.



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