Soraya Fouladi Puts Emergency Education in a Hand-Held Device


As a teenager in New York City, Soraya Fouladi decided that her life mission would be to ensure that “every single child on this planet gets a chance at a quality education so that they can live their best life.” She is now the CEO of Jara, an international organization that provides emergency education to displaced and refugee children who are struggling due to natural disasters or other issues. The education program takes the form of a hand-held device that runs on solar power and can be used anytime and anywhere. Jara works with local content creators to ensure accuracy of the device’s curriculum depending on the region in which the child is located. In Nepali, the word “Jara” means “root,” to signify Fouladi and her company’s commitment to a solid educational foundation for children around the world.

For Further Reading

Watch Soraya Fouladi speak at an AMENDS (American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford) event this past summer. The official Jara website can be found here.


Discussion Question

How has technology helped you to learn in school?


Action Item

Soraya Fouladi is one of the 1850 Coffee Company’s three finalists for their Bold Idea competition which will reward up to $18,500 in funding for the winning idea. Learn about all of the finalists here.


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