Stella McCartney Launches UN Fashion Charter


Stella McCartney was talking about sustainable fashion before it was cool. Last week, it was reported that the committed animal activist is getting ready to launch a United Nations fashion industry charter. The charter, which will focus on climate action, will debut on December 10th at the Katowice Climate Change Conference in Poland. About 30 to 40 international fashion executives will be in attendance, many of whom will also be signatories of the charter. The document comes after earlier reports that the fashion industry produces 20% of global wastewater and 10% of global carbon emissions. In an interview with The Guardian, McCartney shared that she is not interested in pressuring brands into sustainability but wants to get them excited about becoming involved. With the industry’s veritable Queen of Green at the helm, it will be all eyes on Poland to see how leaders react and move forward.

For Further Reading

Is progress already on the horizon? According to Forbes, sustainable fashion Internet searches increased in 2018.

Discussion Question

Do you think the fact that an industry insider is spearheading the new charter will change how it is perceived by the fashion world?


Action Item

Continue to weed out fast fashion as you can and try to save your spending for thrift stores or sustainable brands.


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