Stop Pitting Female Artists Against Each Other: Thank U, Next!


On Saturday, Ariana Grande released a refreshingly honest breakup and self-love single. The track received enormous acclaim, twice breaking “Spotify’s global, single-day streaming record for a female artist,” earning nearly 8.2 million streams on Monday. The song, in which Ariana thanks her exes for the lessons they’ve taught her is a female empowerment anthem; however, immediately following the song’s release people began making comments calling Ariana the “better Taylor Swift.” In an industry where women are continuously brought down, it is of utmost importance to not pit female artists against each other but rather to empower and support them for their unique work.

For Further Reading:

Ariana Grande’s newest single is an open letter to the value of acknowledging one’s worth and power. Read more about that here.  


Discussion Question:

How can women work to support one another instead of diminishing each other’s accomplishments?


Action Item:

Check out this guide on how women can support each other professionally.


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