Study Projects 108 Years Until Wage Gap Closes


Reports offered that 51 percent of the wage gap narrowed in 2018. Despite these numbers, researchers still project that factors such as political empowerment, educational attainment, and health are growing at a backwards rate, stifling the wage gap and causing women to fall short to their male counterparts. Economic opportunity, though, is making some changes for women to succeed by implementing diversity programs and initiatives in companies. Executives have noted that the only way for companies to stay afloat over the coming decades is to start utilizing all available talent and addressing the factors that are pushing back their inclusion of all genders.

For Further Reading

Read about countries conquering the wage gap here.

Discussion Question

How do we use our voices to combat the influence of the political agenda on the wage gap?

Action Item

Research how your internship or job ranks in their diversity tactics and wage gap initiatives.

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