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In my last spring break, I disappeared for a night. While I suspect that this was the second time I’ve been roofied, I’ll probably never know for sure. After waking up in a strange place and returning home, I saw the damage that I believe I had caused--the tears and panic in my mom’s eyes, my boyfriend sitting in the driveway crying as he waited for me to come home. I don’t know what happened that night.

The Truth Has a Voice

In today’s era of reckoning, strength, and empowerment, it is important to remember the generations of powerful women who fought for equality and contributed to the victories that we have captured, as well as those that we will continue to pursue.

My Body Is Art: Self-Portrait Series

This self-portrait series highlights different insecurities and flaws that should be seen as pieces of art instead of something to be ashamed of. Each image represents a different “flaw” society tells us we need to change or cover up. Instead of hiding these “flaws,” embrace them.

Feminine Power

Femininity and the expression of the feminine has been confusingly (and sometimes misguidedly) reflected in our society, its image ricocheting across surfaces of different textures and layers with different purposes--sometimes empowering, sometimes demeaning, sometimes both? We examine the complicated relationship behind feminine power and its intention.