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Pool Rules

When I told people (men) what happened, I got asked why I didn’t do something right then and there. It’s hard to put into words how uncomfortable and scared I felt; there was a massive power imbalance between the two of us. The resident was physically a lot bigger than I was, and he was older. I am a tiny teenage girl who technically was employed to protect him. His rent paid my checks. Moreover, there was no protocol for what to do in a situation like that, even though multiple girls had reported incidents of harassment. Was I even allowed to say anything to him?

All Eyes on Me: Social Media and Stress

Illustrator Mary Sutton notes that putting yourself out there and speaking your mind can be difficult, especially as a woman. Exposing her work, an extension of herself, to others has always been something that she’s especially struggled with. In an era where all our lives are available online, however, everything we do is trackable and therefore judge-able. Successes and failures can be broadcast with equal permanence.