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I remember yearning to feel the intrinsic bond every child seems to share with grandparents, But the title “abuelos (grandparents)” did not make them any less of strangers to me. In that moment I thought, maybe, if we had more in common, that connection would instantaneously spark.

The Unlikely Childhood Feminist Icon

Princess Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi aka Mia Thermopolis aka an unlikely childhood feminist icon. In the first movie, The Princess Diaries, Mia finds out she is actually a Princess in the land of Genovia. She must then decide whether or not she will accept this role– as a 15-year-old high schooler! Imagine that. After much reflection and self-appreciation, Mia decides to assume her duty to Genovia

Internal Rhythm

Fifteen is the age most of us look back on as our awkward yet endearing freshman year in high school. For Hispanic young women, turning fifteen means it is time for a great celebration– her quinceañera. The evolution during this time- from a girl into a “woman”- comes with the struggle of being a child while being seen (and sexualized) as a woman by others.

Enough: Robbed of Innocence

0.2 miles. 2 blocks. 5 minutes. That was all it took for Author Melanie Rodriguez and her friends to be catcalled three times on the walk from school to the local bookshop. One man walked past us. One rolled down his car window. One was on his bike. We were just 15 years old; still carrying our school bags. We were furious. That day, we were robbed of our innocence.

Ro Jackson: Revolutionizing Media Coverage of Female Athletes

Ro founded SLOWE in 2017 as a response to the difficulty of engaging with women’s sport as a fan – something she’d been struggling with personally for a long time. Before starting the platform she worked as a designer and believes the aesthetic and quality of coverage is integral to it’s success. SLOWE is founded on the principal that the audience is there, we just need to give them better content.