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Mainstream retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Free People have recently started to sell sex toys online, placing them under the “wellness” category. As women’s sexual pleasure and sexual health have long been ignored, rebranding sex toys as an important part of a woman’s overall wellness is a step towards dismantling stigmas around women’s sexuality.

Labia filler treatments are non-surgical procedures designed to enhance the plumpness of vulvas. These kinds of treatments perpetuate the idea that vulvas are supposed to look a certain way and shame the natural appearance of female genitalia. The procedures are on the rise in the U.K., where they are not regulated due to their non-surgical nature.

Harvard Medical School has recently launched the Sexual and Gender Minorities Health Equity Initiative, a three-year plan designed to train students and faculty clinicians in how to provide affirming and competent care for sexual and gender minority patients of all ages. As transgender folks face countless barriers in the healthcare system, the initiative is meant to change the landscape of medical care for LGBTQ patients across the country.

City Contracts Gravitating Towards Women-Owned Businesses

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the city’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion reported increases in the city’s investment in women-run businesses. As of 2017, the city saw the highest rate of contracted companies with women as their heads in recent history. The department is said to be working closely with local businesses to focus on implementing diversity training, but some groups are questioning how much change these tactics are bringing about.

In a recent global conference organized by the Abu Dhabi-based World Muslim Communities Council (WMCC) and the Nepal Muslim Women Welfare Society (NMWWS), Shama Al Daheri spoke on the role of women in the United Arab Emirates. Daheri, director of the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, stated that Emirati women have been given numerous opportunities to empower themselves and advance themselves through their femininity.