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Femintimacy: How to Overcome Sexual Anxiety

It got to the point where I never thought I’d be able to have a real relationship. I was convinced that the anxiety attacks would always be debilitating, that they’d never allow me to get close to someone. I felt powerless, beholden to my body. I had resigned myself to forever experience intense and unpredictable physical pain.

The Bleeding Edge: This Birth Control Harms Thousands

The Bleeding Edge focuses on a permanent birth control method called Essure, marketed to women as an alternative to tubal ligation. A quick, easy procedure. 45-minutes in the office, no incisions, no anesthesia, and back to work the next day. But for many women, the journey did not end there. The 2018 Netflix documentary created by Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick, opens a previously hidden wound in an influential industry that has caused more damage than most people are aware of.

Femintimacy: Confessions of a Serial Orgasm Faker

I think I’m a self-proclaimed serial orgasm faker because I’m a little bit afraid of my vagina. I’m afraid of its power and capacity for pleasure. I’m afraid of the intimidating dark cavity that I was barely ever taught about in high school. I was taught a lot about what it looked like internally, showed many diagrams that looked like alien brains, but I was never taught about its external appearance, and never about pleasure.

Body Positivity, Male Fragility

The body positivity movement has made girls feel more comfortable with themselves and with sending photos of themselves, admiring their beauty and unique radiance. But I also believe that people often try to tear confident women down. Many men still feel entitled to critique and belittle the women in their lives. Being a feminist means respecting a woman’s vulnerability and honoring the trust she has placed in you if and when she decides to send you a racy snap. Self-love is the sexiest thing of all.