Talcum Powder and the Risk for Ovarian Cancer


As the wellness industry is saturated with dangerous products designed to change the smell, appearance, and feel of genitalia, a recent study has found a connection between talcum powder-based female hygiene products and a higher risk of ovarian cancer. The report, compiled by Health Canada, found consistent and statistically significant connections between vaginal exposure to talcum and ovarian cancer. Products such as baby powder, genital antiperspirants and deodorants, body wipes, and bath bombs should be talc-free in order for this potential cause of ovarian cancer to be avoided. According to the study, talc particles can migrate from the vagina to the ovaries. Canada is now considering prohibiting or restricting the use of talcum powder in cosmetic and feminine health products.

For Further Reading

To read the study conducted by Health Canada you can check out this website.


Discussion Question

Have you ever been encouraged to use talcum-based products in your genital area?

Action Item

Take care of your sexual health and make sure that the products you are currently using around your genitalia don’t contain talc.

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