Texas Halfway-House Offers Female Felons A Second Chance


Female founder Janet Duvall offers a home for women leaving prison designed to help their rehabilitation. Since January 2017, Sanctified Hope has been a space for up to 16 women to get their footing before starting a new chapter of their lives. Residents choose to come there and are given three months to adjust before they are encouraged to find jobs. This gives them valuable time to create a solid foundation for a hopefully crime-free future. Duvall was inspired to start the home by her work providing rehabilitations programs within prisons, where she found many inmates were anxious about what they would do upon re-entering society. In creating a safe space for these women, Sanctified Hope inspires new energy in the community and helps re-integrate the residents in a way that benefits both themselves and the people around them.

Action Item

See here for a variety of different programs across the U.S. that offer volunteering opportunities to help current inmates.


Should prisons provide more support to inmates to help them rehabilitate after their incarcerations?

Further Reading

See Sanctified Hope’s website for details on the rehabilitation work they do for Texan women.


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