The Beauty Product You’re Missing Out On: Pube Oil


The debate about female pubic hair has been going on for years: bare versus the bush. Either way, there are struggles to deal with. Going bare results in ingrown hairs and irritation. On the other hand, growing out your bush can make your pubes are shockingly wiry! The new wave of body hair positivity includes the decision to groom as you see fit. Whichever you choose, there is an awesome product to make your grooming routine even better: pube oil. Bare ladies can rub a little of the product on post-shaved skin to soften hair follicles and prevent ingrown hairs. For those who go au natural, say goodbye to wiry pubes! Run this oil through your hair daily and you’ll be shocked to find that your pubic hair can be just as silky and soft as the hair on your head. Whatever you choose, this beauty product allows you to be as comfortable in your skin as possible.

For Further Reading

Interested in buying pube oil and checking out other pubic beauty products? Check out the brand Fur’s website.

Discussion Question

What’s your grooming routine? Are you doing it because it is what you like and are comfortable with or because you are influenced by societal standards?


Action Item

There’s a huge stigma regarding pubic hair and young women. While there is a new body hair positivity movement, there are many who equate body hair with a lack of grooming. Watch your language and others’ language around you when discussing female body hair, and make sure you’re encouraging female choice at every opportunity.


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