The Black Girl’s Guide to Blush


Finding the right blush is harder than it seems. Sometimes, the color is just all wrong and clownlike. Some seem promising, but fade quickly. And some don’t show up at all - especially if you have dark skin. Many of the beauty brands that say they cater to all skin types don’t have the formulas to back it up - almost everything in beauty stores is catered to the light-skinned woman, so how are you to differentiate the good formulas from the dozens of bad ones? Walk into any beauty store and you’ll be overwhelmed with the choices, so for all the dark skinned girls out there, try out these blushes! Highly pigmented and long-lasting, all you have to do is choose which colors to wait to buy until next time. If you’re looking for a sunkissed glow, check out Benefit Cosmetics Majorette Cream Blush. Or maybe you’re looking for a blushing red? Try Make Up For Ever’s Second Skin Blush in the shade Raspberry.

For Further Reading

Lost among all the other aisles of products at beauty stores? Check out some black-owned brands that Ulta Beauty sells to narrow things down a bit, here.

Discussion Question

The makeup industry has been expanding to include much more diverse models in their advertising campaigns, along with online beauty influencers coming from a multitude of backgrounds. With all this change, why do you think there are still so few products that cater to colored skin?

Action Item:

Woman of color or not - next time you go out to buy makeup, think about the brands you’re giving your money to. Try to support inclusive brands like Fenty or Wet N’ Wild.

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