The Career that Pays Women More than Men


According to a study conducted by ABC News, the only job where women outrank men in their wage earnings is in the wholesale buying and retail industry. Most every wage comparison showed that women earn significantly less than men in a number of jobs, but in the wholesale industry, women earn around four thousand dollars more than their male counterparts. The pay gap in other industries is growing, with women becoming more vocal about their oppression in the workplace. Many women are discouraged by the wage gap in their careers, which enhances the ingrained patriarchal cycle where men sit at the heads of companies earning higher salaries. The wholesale buying industry is a female-driven line of work that is low in male representation because of its association with femininity. More women are gravitating to this line of work because of the high paying jobs and the high concentration of female leaders.

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Discussion Question

How do women break the gender barrier in the wholesale buying industry to foster a more diverse community around them?


Action Item

Learn more about the practical effects of the wage gap on women’s lives and how it can impact women’s economic prosperity and financial independence.


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