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The Chasing Color Project


The Chasing Color Project is a photojournalism series that focuses on the experiences of people of color (PoC) living in America. Racial and ethnic identities are at the center, but the project asks participants to examine who they are at all angels, which includes, but is not limited to, sexuality, gender, nationality, class, and other facets of their choosing.

I started this project in 2018 when I picked photography back up. I wanted to take it seriously, but it had been some time since I’d held a camera, so I took to Instagram to find what photography looked like. Unfortunately, it was difficult to find photographers who were not white men and subjects who were not white women. I set out to make my own representation and content I wanted to see more of. 

I’ve always loved hearing stories from other PoC because it’s fascinating how different we all look but how similar our experiences can be on the sole premise our skin has color— immigrant parents who preach working twice as hard to be half as good, built communities of chosen family, learning “otherness” at a young age, college admissions, and other experiences. 

It’s about visibility. It’s about storytelling. It’s about decolonizing the gaze. It’s the idea that our narratives have the power to make someone else feel seen, to show that we aren’t alone in our experiences. It’s how our narratives offer a perspective beyond the usual scope of our lives, that our differences are to be celebrated, not feared. 

The Chasing Color Project strives to be inclusive of underrepresented gender identities. Visibility reminds others that there are real humans, breathing, living, and loving, with experiences different from theirs; visibility is a step towards validation and respect. Queer people exist. People of color exist. Queer people of color exist. Just because you do not see these stories told and these people portrayed in mainstream media does not make these people any less real. This project gives the opportunity for people to create their own representation. Representation gives narratives that inherent value, either the resonation that someone else has felt the same way or a new perspective beyond the usual scope of our lives.

By Gerrie Lim.


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