The Dark Side of a Selfie

Author’s Note: While I tout body positivity as much as the next person, sometimes we have bad days. Some days no inspirational pep talk seems to work. Rather than feel guilty about feeling bad, it can be beneficial to recognize these feelings. It’s hard work unlearning years of society teaching us we’re only valuable for one thing, and we all have bad days.


I hold up the phone

I love myself.

No, wrong angle.

Tilt it, tap it

My body takes care of me.

No, wrong lighting.


Wrong me.

Delete, delete

I want to delete everything I don’t like.

I am worthy.

Erase every ugliness.

“That was such a cute one!”

No, it wasn’t.

“What! You’re beautiful!”

No, I’m not.

I scroll through others’

Like, like, like

I scroll through mine

Hate, hate, hate

“Say you’re beautiful to the mirror!”

“Compliment yourself!”

“Fuck the patriarchy!”

Those worked yesterday

They’ll work tomorrow

But not today.


Author: Anonymous