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The Earth and Women

Earth day poem.png

Earth Day is meant to be for celebrating nature and all the wonderful components of our natural world. But in this day and age, it is hard to look at our planet and not focus on the realistic threats we are facing. Climate change, industrialization, pollution, and deforestation are just a few examples of how much danger Earth is in.

I feel that what our Earth is going through right now relates a lot to being a woman. Our world has been through torment and destruction, yet still has to do their part and function daily. Nature cannot slow down even though everything feels like it is against it. For women, there is so much that we have to be cautious of everyday: walking home with someone else or carrying pepper spray in our pockets late at night, never sure when you might be harrassed, feeling societal pressure to look a certain way everyday, and so on.

Mother Nature is resilient though, and so are women. While there is so much danger that both women and Earth face, we still find a way to thrive.

This poem depicts the relationship that women and Earth share and all the fear and resilience that comes with that.

By Alexandria DeVlaeminick


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