Lilly Ledbetter is Back on Supreme Court Steps


Alabama native Lilly Ledbetter returned to the Supreme Court in hopes of continuing her fight against the wage gap. 11 years ago, Ledbetter took a stand against her employer, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., that discriminated against women in their workplace. She was defeated by the corporation in her court case even though the company consciously paid her forty percent less than her male counterparts. After her defeat, she has returned to the Supreme Court to rally against nominee Brett Kavanaugh who she believes is not a representation of the American people.


For Further Reading:

Ledbetter’s extensive work to bring justice in the workplace for women is highlighted by the Tori Burch Foundation here. Read on to learn more about her!


Discussion Question:

One of the downfalls in Ledbetter’s case was the fact that she had not reported the blatant wage gap within a 180-day period. Should the law that requires employees to do so be reformed?


Action Item:

Bringing the conversation of women’s pay to the table at work could help bring about change. Reach out to a close coworker and see what you can do at your job to change this!



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