The Female Politicians That Aren’t Afraid To Voice Their Fury


In a heated political climate, many women have voiced their aspirations to shatter the unequal gender gap set in Congress. Elizabeth Warren declared in a Holyoke town hall, “I’m angry, and I own it.” She, and other various female senators, have decided to consider running for president in 2020. She, along with other females, have taken 2018 as a year to openly express their concerns about female issues in American politics. These women are mainly concerned about the effect that Trump has had on our political climate, and urge other women to join the fight as well.

Discussion Question

Which female politician, in particular, would you like to see in the presidential race in 2020?

Further Reading

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Action Item

During this early voting season, be sure to visit your local voting site and cast your vote for the Midterm elections.

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