The Future is Now Female, Thanks to Millennial Women


The age-old phrase, “The future is female,” has gained new meaning in recent years with the rise of financial stability and independence for women across the globe. According to Forbes magazine, millennial women are the most financially independent and stable women in history. Despite this, financial literacy advocate Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz encourages women to work harder, save more, and fight for their independence constantly. She recognizes that the wage gap and discrimination in the workplace have not disappeared but are decreasing immensely with the inexhaustible efforts of women around the world.

For Further Reading:

To read more about how you can save and invest, explore this website for information!


Discussion Question:

Millennial women have been able to make great strides in the workplace. What steps can we take to educate women on investing and saving to ensure longevity in wealth?


Action Item:

Going to your local bookstore and purchasing books on investing and saving could help you become financially independent in the future!



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