The Guide To Change: KaeLyn Rich’s “Girls Resist!”


KaeLyn Rich wrote Girls Resist!: A Guide to Activism, Leadership, and Starting a Revolution to inspire young women and girls to take action for what they believe in. Girls Resist! is half an introduction to intersectionality and half an actual workbook that details steps to outline plans as well as how to engage with activism. When asked about how the current climate influenced her writing of this book, she explained that while there was a greater sense of urgency, the inspiration is not entirely attributed to that nor is it limited only to the United States. KaeLyn emphasized, “It’s the urgency of being a girl, in the broadest sense of that admittedly binary term, of being a marginalized person and knowing in your heart that you have the power to change your world.”

For Further Reading

Check out KaeLyn’s website here!


Discussion Question

What was one childhood book that sparked some of the ideas you hold today?

Action Item

KaeLyn’s book is available for purchase on Amazon. If you’re interested, buy one!


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