The Human Right to Sexual Pleasure


Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng, Vice-Chair of South Africa's Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition, is advocating for a world where sexual pleasure is considered a human right. Mofokeng explains how teen girls all over the world can’t turn to health professionals to learn about consent, sex, and pleasure, as their education is mostly focused on pregnancy and disease prevention. Making sexual pleasure a right means starting a conversation around it, as well as introducing it into the training and education of health professional. Sexual pleasure as a human right can redefine the sexual experience for women all over the world in a positive way. Dismantling sexist taboos and expectations can help women discover their sexual wellbeing and take ownership of their sexual pleasure, leading to happier and healthier sexual lives.

For Further Reading:

There are many definitions as to what sexual pleasure is and what it means. This Planned Parenthood guide can help you define your version of sexual pleasure.

Discussion Question:

Think back to the professional sex education you’ve received. Was sexual pleasure ever mentioned?


Action Item:

Reclaim sexual pleasure as your right by voicing your needs to partners and exploring ways to make your sexual experiences the best it can be!



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