The Importance Of Giving Gender Neutral Gifts This Christmas


LGBTQ+ inclusivity movements have been fighting for better acceptance for non-binary and transgender people for years, so there has never been a better time to adopt such action into your festive spirit. Although so many gifts, especially for children, are intrinsically gender-orientated, stepping away from such constraints allows for better self-expression for those outside of binary norms. Amy Johnson put together a useful list of fun gifts that can help step out of gender stereotypes. Allowing for better expression of our identities helps us to achieve more accurate images of our society so that we can better include everyone within it, therefore achieving a much stronger form of intersectional feminism.

For Further Reading

See more work from Amy Johnson here.

Discussion Question

Should gender neutrality be considered for everyone, or only when someone identifies as non-binary?


Action Item

Try to start using gender-neutral language more often; even if you believe the people you interact with are cis-gendered, adopting inclusive language is unlikely to hurt their feelings, but could make a real difference in helping a non-binary person feel more included.

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