The Kind of Women We Need In Congress


In an opinion article from the Washington Post, columnist Alexandra Petri discussed the importance of having women in government because they help elevate the economic, social, and political state of other women. She describes her happiness in judging women by their merits, not their appearances. However, according to Petri, women such as Nancy Pelosi have done little in the fight for justice, and we need new faces who will truly change the tides for gender discourse in this country. Someone who is willing to spark change and not blend into the misogynistic tide that is currently flooding Capitol Hill is the catalyst we need to shake up U.S. politics!

For Further Reading

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Discussion Question

What are some things that have kept you stagnant in your activism? How can you rise from those obstacles?


Action Item

Identify some of the women currently in politics who have strong goals in feminist politics, and access how you can support their goals in your own community.


Read more on Washington Post | Image: Evelyn Hockstein for The Washington Post