The Limited Access to Contraceptives in the UK


Recent UK government measures are cutting budgets to reproductive health and restricting access to contraceptives. Bekki Burbidge, deputy chief executive of sexual health charity FPA, reports that nearly half of all councils in England have reduced or are planning to reduce sexual health services between 2015 and 2019. As many as 8 million women in the UK are currently living in areas where access to contraceptives has been limited. As a reverse in the cuts to sexual health services has been proven to be a financially conscious decision by Public Health England , the government needs to address the issue of sexual healthcare and contraceptives accessibility and guarantee a safe and informed environment for women all over the country.

For Further Reading

If you are a woman living in the UK or if you are interested in the contraceptive options for women in the UK, you can check out the NHS website here.


Discussion Question

Why do you think the British government is choosing to cut budgets to contraceptives?


Action Item

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