Next Year's Met Gala Will Feature the Art of Camp


The biggest fashion news to hit the airwaves last week was the announcement that next year’s Met Gala theme will be “camp.” Titled “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” the exhibition will explore the role of campy style in the past and present— in the words of curator-in-charge Andrew Bolton, “Trump is a very camp figure—I think it’s very timely.” The gala itself, which is often referred to as “fashion prom,” is already set to be the most outrageously stylish event of 2019. With celebrity co-chairs Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, and Serena Williams on board, there’s no doubt fashion and pop culture lovers alike will be all but up in arms on that first Monday in May.

For Further Reading

The inspiration behind the upcoming exhibition stemmed from Susan Sontag’s iconic 1964 essay “Notes on ‘Camp.’” Read the full text—which made Sontag a literary star—here.

Discussion Question

What are your feelings about the Met Gala? How do you see the balance between the beauty and aesthetics of the event and its portrayal of privilege?

Action Item

What does the word “camp”—not the sleep-away kind— mean to you? Do some musing and write down what you come up with, Sontag-style.

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